Care & Handling Guide

Watch the video or follow the below guidelines for a happy, healthy wearing experience.

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Lens Care Tips

Use only GP approved solutionsUse only GP approved solutions for the care and handling of your Custom Stable lenses; e.g., Unique PH, Boston Solutions or Clear Care.

Use only preservative-free salineUse only preservative-free saline to fill the bowl of your Custom Stable lenses; e.g., Nutrifill, Lacripure, PuriLens.

Use proper removal techniqueRemove lens from eye by pulling from the edge of the lens.

Replace your lens case monthlyWe recommend that you replace your contact lens case monthly to ensure cleanliness.

Clean your lenses every dayClean and soak your lenses in clean, fresh solution every day. Do NOT use tap water.

Refer to Tangible Hyrda-PEG insertIf your Custom Stable lenses are manufactured with Tangible Hyrda-PEG coating, please refer to the Tangible Hyrda-PEG insert accompanied with the lenses.

Proper Hygiene

It is very important to handle your Custom Stable lenses in a clean environment, with clean hands, tools and cases. Wash your hands thoroughly with a mild soap that does not contain moisturizers. Dry hands with a clean towel. Clean and soak your lenses in clean, fresh solution every day. Do NOT use tap water. Use only GP approved solutions for the care and handling of your Custom Stable lenses; e.g., Unique PH, Boston Solutions or Clear Care.

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Self Diagnosis

As you build up your wear time on your Custom Stable lenses, be sure to be proactive with self diagnosis and common sense. Evaluate the health of your cornea and sclera and look for signs of redness, swelling and inflammation that may dictate a change in your wear cycle or an adjustment of your fit. A slight impression ring where the lens sat is normal and will fade away quickly. Be sure to be in close contact with your dispensing professional at any sign of problems.

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Lens Application

Custom Stable lenses can be applied two different ways. The first way is called the "tripod method" where the index finger, middle finger and thumb come together into a tripod formation. The second method is to use the DMV application tool, which is the larger bulb tool in your kit. A helpful trick is to trim the bottom of the tool so that it acts as a suction free stage for smooth, consistent application.

STEP ONE: Remove the lens from the gas permeable soaking solution and clean the front surface with a GP approved cleaner. Next, rinse the lens completely with preservative free saline. It is important to remove any solution that contains preservatives from the back surface of the Custom Stable lens. Place the lens either on your fingers in the tripod formation or the application tool and fill with a preservative free saline solution. Ensure that there are no surface bubbles, as they can become trapped between the lens and the cornea upon application.

STEP TWO: Lean your head down so it’s parallel over the Custom Stable mirror and bring the preservative free saline filled lens to your eye. Pull your lower lid down to enable the lower edge of the lens under your lower lid. Once the lower edge of the lens is applied, the lens will slide under the upper lid. Blink slowly to settle lens onto center of eye.

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Quick Notes: Bend over parallel to the floor. Pull your lower lid down. Keeping a steady gaze through the lens, slowly bring the Custom Stable lens to your eye. Blink slowly to settle and center the lens.

Lens Removal

Lens removal is a simple method of using the small suction cup removal tool provided in your Custom Stable lens care kit. It’s an easy to use tool and will last the lifetime of many pairs of lenses. It is recommended to have a few backup tools, as they can be supplied by your lens provider. For more information about application and removal, please visit Valley Contax website.

STEP ONE: Apply a small amount of preservative free saline to the suction cup for extra grab on the lens. Lean forward slightly into your mirror and apply mild pressure to the outer portion of the lens. Either use the lower portion or the upper side and remove at a slight angle, but NEVER remove the lens from the exact center. This can lead to excessive suction and difficulty in removal. Remove lens from eye by pulling from the edge of the lens.

STEP TWO: Immediately use as directed a daily cleaner approved for gas permeable lenses. This will lead to a consistently clean Custom Stable lens that will provide great comfort and vision for the life of the lens. Rinse the cleaner from the lens using preservative free saline and place the lens in the Custom Stable case with FRESH gas permeable approved solution. Store the lenses overnight to enjoy a smooth lens surface the next morning.

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Quick Notes: Pull your lower lid down. Apply the removal tool to the lower portion of the lens and gently rock/tilt the lens away from the eye. Do not pull the lens straight out.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long can I wear scleral lenses during the day?

There is no standard wear time. Some patients are able to comfortably wear the lenses a few hours at a time and others can wear it the entire day.

Can I shower with my lenses?

You should avoid showering with lenses because shower water is not sterile and could introduce bacteria into the lens.

My vision is blurry or foggy through my lenses. What can I do to make it better?

With proper fit and prescription, at home troubleshooting you can do would be to take lens out and clean it. Avoid using creams or lotions on hands or face before lens application. Ensure there isn’t a bubble in the lens. Otherwise contact your doctor to evaluate the lenses.

Why do I keep getting bubbles with insertion?

Not enough solution in the bowl of the lens, not raising applicator up directly perpendicular to eye, and applying too much pressure with application could cause bubbles. If application methods are proper, make appointment with doctor for fit evaluation.

My eyes are red with my lenses on, what should I do?

Note any associations and how quickly they turn red. Make an appointment with your doctor to evaluate the lenses and limit the lens wear until your exam..

How long will my scleral lenses last?

With normal wear and tear, most lenses could last about 1-2 years. Proper maintenance and cleaning solutions help with the longevity of the lenses.

Can I use tap water to rinse the lens?

No – this could introduce bacteria to the lens, especially within the bowl (which is in contact with the front surface of the eye through the entire wear time). Any intruders could grow within the lens bowl and lead to infection.

Should I put my lenses on before or after I do my make-up?

Before. Oils and creams can compromise the vision by coating the front of the lens and affecting the wetting properties of the lens.

Can I swim with my lenses? Hot tubs? Lakes? Oceans?

No – any body of water can be a breeding ground for pathogens. These can get into the lens bowl and lead to infection. If it happens, remove the lenses as soon as possible, clean and reapply with fresh solution.

Can I sleep with my lenses? What about naps?

No – sleeping with your lenses on can lead to swelling of the cornea due to lack of oxygen. You will likely wake up with blurry vision and uncomfortable eyes.

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